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Prayer is a powerful weapon in the fight for freedom.  Highlighted areas requiring prayer and prayer guides available.

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Become a SOS Ambassador

Experiencing holy disocntent, like God must have bigger plans for you? Do you want to grow in your faith and understanding of God's heart for jsutice?  If you are ages 15-25, SOS might be the faith and justice mission opportunity for you.

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Educate Yourself

There are a number of incredible resources available to you to learn more about human trafficking.  There is a book list, documentaries, websites, apps and training programs listed in our resource centre.  We are continually adding to our resource page.

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Social Media

An easy way to raise awareness of human trafficking is to regularly post on blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  Frequent exposure to the topic will raise awareness of events, issues, causes and ways they can get involved in fighting human trafficking.

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A God-honoring fast is not just giving up something I need, it also means seeking to meet the needs of those who are oppressed with our world.   A few types of fasting that you might consider practising are provided.

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Awareness in schools

Ready to jump in for a one off?  We can equip you to educate and build awareness about human trafficking and fundraise for those working to stop human trafficking.  You can be an agent for change.

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Boycott and Buycott

Learn more about smart and open activism.  Reward the companies and creating brands that you feel good about buying because they enhance the lives of the people that make them.

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There are a number of organizations working to fight human trafficking and restore justice.  Here at SOS, we are focusing our fundraising on Aurora House.  Aurora House is a safe house in Toronto that strives to provide shelter, long-term trauma counselling, basic needs and essential support services to people who have been trafficked in Canada.

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