SOS Ambassadors

The SOS Program is a 12 month faith and justice mission opportunity that will change the way you understand and live out your faith. You will be equipped to articulate the basic tenets of your faith and apply this knowledge to your life.  You will study God and His ways through His Word and apply it to your life as we support a transitional house and raise awareness of human trafficking in Toronto.  Practical, real life experiences and humble service are the primary teaching tools for character and spiritual formation. You will be challenged and stretched as you live out your faith in the context of social justice and community.

The SOS Program is for 40 young adults (ages 15-25) who have experienced a holy discontent.  They want to grow in intimacy with Christ and be the hands and feet of Christ. They agree with the core doctrines listed in What We Believe. 

If you are looking for a faith and justice mission opportunity please contact for an application or more information.

In June, forty students will have the opportunity to join the SOS Program to be Ambassadors for one year. The SOS Program will take students through an intensive year of spiritual formation and awareness on human trafficking issues, preparing the Ambassadors to go out into their circles to ignite awareness and action. The Ambassadors will fundraise for Aurora House, a transitional house in Toronto that strives to provide shelter, long-term trauma counselling, basic needs and essential support services to people who have been trafficked in Canada.

The SOS Program has three components:
· Spiritual Formation
· Awareness in schools and various circles
· Fundraise for Aurora House

Ambassadors will be on a mission trip for the year as they attend their regular school and interact in their circles.

A key component of the SOS Program is spiritual formation. Our ministry and service will be grounded and flow out of an intimate love for Christ. We will be involved in Bible studies, book studies and practising spiritual disciplines. We will be teaching God’s Word and helping students apply it. We will be looking at our identity in Christ, God's heart for justice and hearing God's voice. Our studies will focus on what Dr. Allen Jackson described as the core aspects of discipleship:

· Knowing God’s Word (Scripture Memory)
· Knowing God’s Story (Understanding the story, or meta-narrative, of the Bible)
· Telling Our Story (articulating a “testimony”)
· Sharing The Gospel With Words (evangelism)
· Sharing The Gospel With Deeds (Gospel-centered social justice/compassion)

Students will participate in a walking pilgrimage, worship sessions, Lent journey and regularly connect with their team and mentor. The SOS Program will ask challenging questions, support and encourage students as they seek out questions of their faith and grow in intimacy with Christ.
The student ambassadors will grow in practical skill development through hands on experience. Participants will be participating in small group discipleship training, speaking and awareness building on human trafficking. The primary work will be done through school and church groups. There will also be practical training in fundraising, letter writing and website maintenance.

The cost of the program is $150.00. This covers the cost of a walking pilgrimage and five worship and teaching days. Participants will be trained in fundraising and will decide on their fundraising goal for the year. The money that is fund-raised will go towards Aurora House, a transitional house in Toronto that strives to provide shelter, long-term trauma counselling, basic needs and essential support services to people who have been trafficked in Canada.

Unlike many mission trips where you go to a far off place, the SOS program brings mission right to your door. You will continue to live at home and go to school while you are growing in your faith and serving those being utterly exploited. So many youth have an experience at camp or on a short term mission that changes them greatly, but find it hard to live out their faith and hold on to the experience in their everyday world. The SOS program will bring you together with forty other youth who have a heart to grow in their faith and want to live out their faith in service throughout the year, in their everyday context.

The SOS Program is a one year commitment from June to May.

The time commitment will vary for one ambassador to another. We do recognize that high school and post-secondary students have school and family commitments, however we do require ambassadors to participate in some key events.

Our deepest desire is to have students complete the SOS Program with a deeper understanding of the nature and character of God, their identity in Christ and God's heart for justice.

The goal is to support ambassadors as they learn to hear God’s voice and leading in their life and place them in areas of ministry following the completion of their ambassador year. Some ambassadors will continue with the SOS program in a mentorship capacity, others will discern another area of service that the Holy Spirt has put on their heart. We will do our best to support the ambassadors as they seek out other opportunities of service.

We are looking for applicants who are yearning for deeper relationship with God and wanting to be His hands and His feet, serving the oppressed and marginalized in our communities. Please complete an application and email it to Applications are available as of April 1, 2016.


to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God  

Micah 6:8