SOS Timeline

Overview of the year’s events


Human Trafficking One Day Intensive: June

One day intensive to learn about human trafficking in Canada, definitions of human trafficking, causes and forms of human trafficking.  There will be an interactive component and a film viewing.  We will be looking at God’s heart for justice and why Christians need to be first responders.


Anointing and Commissioning Service:  July

This evening will be the beginning of your mission journey with SOS.  There will be a time of worship.  Each ambassador will be anointed and commissioned in your role as SOS Ambassadors.  Ambassadors’ support community are invited to attend as we pray over the ambassadors. 



Walking Pilgrimage: August

SOS Ambassadors have been invited to participate in four days of an eight day walking pilgrimage averaging 20-30 km per day.  This will be a time to focus on listening to the voice of God. We will spend time talking about disciplines and practicing them together as we walk.  We will quiet ourselves, listen, meditate, memorize scripture and worship.


Awareness Campaigns

SOS Ambassadors will start awareness campaigns and fundraising campaigns in their schools and circles starting in September. Support and training will be provided.


November Worship

As a group will be meeting in November to worship, hear from each other, connect and encourage.  We will examine the Gospel with Words (evangelism) and the Gospel with Deeds (Gospel centered social justice/compassion)


Ash Wednesday

Meet together to quietly and prayerfully come before God with a heart of repentance and prepare for Lent and the journey to the cross.  Collectively, we will be going through a Lent study.


May Celebration

The final time of worship will be a Ceremony to Celebrate. At the end of our year together, there will be a ceremony acknowledging the work of the SOS Ambassadors.  The students will have a chance to share some of their experiences, including their testimony.  SOS Ambassadors will be asked to write out their testimony earlier in the year and during the Ceremony to Celebrate we will hear each other’s story.  SOS Ambassadors will receive a certificate acknowledging their role.