We have a fabulous opportunity for you!


The Forgo Freedom Campaign offers you an opportunity to:

  1. engage with fellow students
  2. raise awareness on human trafficking
  3. help open the doors to Toronto's first long term transition house for people coming out of human trafficking situations. 
  4. YES!  Earn up to 24 community serivce hours!


Here's the Quick Pitch:

Today millions of people around the world are being exploited, trafficked or enslaved in labour, marriage and crime.  Stand for them on Saturday July 30, 2016, by taking the Forgo Freedom Challenge. Register today!

The Forgo Freedom Campaign is a platform for international anti-trafficking engagement that creates an opportunity for awareness, reflection, discussion and personal participation while raising funds to support Aurora House and their mission to provide housing and support services to immigrants and newcomers who and have been trafficked and exploited in Canada.  

See our You Tube Video: https://youtu.be/aYH0m6_j78E 

Registrants all around the world can participate by giving up some of their freedom for 24 hours to experience some of what it must feel like to be exploited.  

This 2 minute video explains how it will work: https://youtu.be/qEDY41U_hFs 

The campaign is meant to be one of hope. Each directive will be followed with an example of relevance to the issue and an action, a small step that can be taken that can help effect change to the global problem of human trafficking today.

The campaign has been designed to allow for engagement by anyone, anywhere, including those who must work, attend school, are responsible for dependents or have other commitments they feel might prevent them from participation.  

To register or learn more about the campaign go to www.forgofreedom.com

Ways to earn community hours:

·         Register as a team for the Forgo Freedom Challenge

·         Raise awareness of human trafficking through social media

·         Plan information sessions with friends and family

·         Plan team fundraisers

·         Handout flyers and posters



Send us an emailto info@sos-studentjusticemission.com and we'll hook you up with a resource package and information on how to earn community service hours.